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Welcome to YuppieWallet.com – a Website devoted to cutting down the mental fatigue and stress associated with keeping up with your Personal Finances.

Thanks for visiting. This site is dedicated to providing essential personal finance guidancebudgeting tips, and reflections on life and work. Our goal is to provide you with actionable advice on how to automate your finances using a minimalistic approach in order to save up time to do what you love.


The Origins of Yuppie Wallet

Before sharing too many details, here’s the quick and dirty lowdown:

  • Launched during December of 2016 in Atlanta, GA.
  • Started by Two CPA’s who were dissatisfied with the lack of Personal Finance Focus in High School and College. Leaving many high and dry whose only recourse was to learn from their mistakes.
  • After spending multiple years utilizing the best tools on the internet we saw a need for a community where personal finance guidance could be provided with a minimalistic and automated approach.



Now, around these parts, we have a few core beliefs…

  • We believe you have the power to automate your personal finances, which will bring you joy, and change your life. Trust us, we will show you how to do it.
  • We believe that the stress and energy spent trying to figure out the world of personal finance is preventing you from accomplishing the goals that you aim to accomplish. Every second spent trying to understand your finances takes away time from doing what you love. And that time you will not get back.
  • We believe that you deserve happiness and the time to build the life you want, how you want.
  • We are determined to walk you through each step of your financial journey while showing you the tools which will allow you to automate each step in the process. We also promise to include a dash of motivation on top to guide you throughout the highs and lows.

In short, YuppieWallet combines practical, strategy-infused personal finance advice with a healthy dose of inspiration to keep you going when things get tough (and they will get tough.)

But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you are just starting out on your own or are due to make some major financial decisions for your family you need a place that takes care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on your job and the things you love to do.

Maybe you…

  • Have no clue what a budget is, how to create one and update it in a timely fashion.
  • Need help choosing your investments, or direction on what you will do with your income stream (or streams).
  • Feel isolated. You wish more people could relate to what financial challenges you are facing and how these choices are taking time away from what you really want to do. (Your friends are supportive, but don’t quite “get it”).

No matter where you are in your Personal Finance journey you want to get it right in the least amount of time as possible. 

So, here’s the BIG question:

-Are YOU ready to change your financial destiny?

If so, head over to our Start Here page to discover some of the most popular (and smartest!) posts we’ve already published. As well as other great content.

And if you’re not ready to open the wallet just yet, that’s fine too.

We’ll be here for you when you are.

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